Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the verge of a new year !

It's December 30th, 2009 and we are rapidly approaching a new year. 2010 and it's really a celebration for us, because our Inn is celebrating it's 120 th Anniversary. The inn has been run continuiously since 1890 and we are celebrating this winter, offering a free giveaway each month for a two night stay at the Inn.

We're really excited to be a part of such a historic event. Our guests each month will be entered into a drawing for the getaway. There will be 4 drawings: January, February, March and April.

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well it happened this afternoon. While we were watching a Christmas classic: It's a Wonderful Life, it started snowing. About 1-2 inches have fallen through the evening. Winter is finally here and it's beautiful.

The first snow is always so pretty. Then when the vehicles run over it and the plows push it aside, the dirt appears and it looks like mud. Yes mud that then gets trampled in the house on your clean floors. A constant battle of keeping the floor clean as well as dry so no one slips when they come in. A never ending task for winter and that's when the snow just isn't pretty anymore.

But the best part of winter is building that first snowman with hopes that he will last all winter. Snowball fights and clean air with a crispness to it. But my favorite thing is remembering the holidays from when I was young. Santa coming, decorating the family tree and being so excited Christmas morning. I guess there really is a kid in all of us. I believe, do you?
Romance in the magic of the mountains.