Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well it's January 1, 2015 and this completes our 10th year at the Inn. Can't believe 10 years ago we traveled from California by car to Intervale, NH to buy an Inn. Just so happens that not only are we celebrating 10 years, but this year the Inn is celebrating its 125th Anniversary. Yes, this Inn opened in 1890 and has been run as an Inn ever since. If walls could talk, I'd love to hear the conversations from when Erving Berlin visited. You know that this is the Inn that inspired him to write the story called Holiday Inn. That's the very movie that brought us here. And to have heard the conversations when John Updike visited the Inn, especially when he wrote a short story about Mr. Houghton - "The Miserly Innkeeer".  I think another visit that would have interested me would have been when Tammy Wynette pulled her tour bus in the parking looking for a place to relax a couple days. My favorite conversations are with our guests on the front porch. And what happens on the porch, stays on the porch.
Thank you for making the last ten years so special!
Romance in the magic of the mountains.