Friday, January 22, 2010

Peaceful Winter

I'm glad we don't have an excess of snow this winter at the Inn. It can snow all it wants north or south of here. I don't have a problem with the cold to maintain the snow we presently have. I enjoy looking out upon freshly fallen snow, but I don't need that to happen often.

After everything has been cleaned up and pathways are clear, I will go outside and enjoy the winter, but I don't like walking through the mush and ice. The funny thing is I prefer winter over summer. It's easier for me to get warm than to get cool, if that makes sense.

So this weekend I am enjoying two nights of movie mania at our house. One night Mitch will choose the movies to watch and the next night is mine. He is an action movie nut, one that can watch a night of Bruce Willis movies, or maybe all 5 parts of the Godfather. Me, well I am truly a chick flick lover. One in particular is You've got mail. When it's on TV I will watch either at the beginning or if I find out it's on, I will watch even if half the movie is over. Probably seen it 15-20 times and it will be a movie I have on my list for this weekend. The only thing that bothers me about this movie is: When Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are at the outdoor market and Tom is buying a mango and Meg picked up three bushes of something - what was it? And Tom paid for it. Maybe I'll figure that out, so I keep watching. Thought I would share, but if you know the answer - let me know.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Winter is a time I really enjoy in the mountains. Though I'm not a skiier, I enjoy the beauty of snow covered mountains and fresh fallen snow as it covers the lawn. As you can see, I enjoy being inside watching it snow. Not going out in the cold, but enjoying it's beauty as I sit by the fire sipping hot chocolate.

When we have guests at the Inn, I enjoy sitting on the front porch in the morning chatting about what they are going to do that day.
Romance in the magic of the mountains.