Thursday, October 22, 2009

What next?

Okay, when the snow starts falling as early as October 13th we know something new is about to happen this upcoming winter. Until your then told a week later that the weather will be 70 degrees. What has happened? Is this the new norm?

Well my arthritis says it's getting colder as the pain intensifies, but then again my knees are saying something totally different. What happened to the time when your bones started getting stiffer as the cold weather sets in - then you knew winter was on it's way. Next thing I'll be reporting is a tropical heat wave coming our way. It's time to build those underground bunkers to protect us for whatever's coming next.

I can go on at times, it happens everytime I watch a rerun of Gilmore Girls.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall has arrived!

The colors are beautiful, I could sit all day on the front porch just looking at the trees of many colors. Had a chance to take a drive Thursday and it was a spectacular symphony of yellow, orange, green and reds just making themsleves at home in the trees.

Clean up is never fun when the trees start dropping their leaves. Imagine 25 acres of leaves and tell me you enjoy raking. Just kidding about the raking, we just rake the 2 developed acres the inn uses, the rest of the acreage becomes mulch. Healthy for the ground and is good for the trees.
Romance in the magic of the mountains.