Monday, February 25, 2013

March is Maple Month in New Hampshire

March is just around the corner an you can already smell maple in the air. Not really, but I do enjoy the thought of it. You know when your given a stack of panckes and you pour on the syrup. The smells that remind you of when you were a kid, when  Mom made breakfast. That's the smell I'm looking forward to this March.
The weekend of March 23rd and 24th is a great time to visit the sugar houses in New Hampshire. Samples are offered and everywhere you look, people are makig things with maple. Heck I even get in to the mode with fresh cinnamon rolls and maple syrup. This year I'm trying a new recipe for maple scones and Mitch is already working on maple-butter for the pancakes. Maple month, come up and try it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February is for Lovers

You know when February rolls around I always look for little things my spouse might enjoy to show him how much he means to me everyday. This year it's Big Red Wax Lips! It might sound funny to you, but he enjoys chewing on the wax and those little wax bottles with liquid in them don't last long. If nothing else, it makes him laugh and thats a healthy thing.

Superbowl weekend and we're marinating the wings to get them ready. Now mind you, this is the only football game we watch because it the most important one to see. So have a great superbowl day and lay off the hot sauce. We're not getting any younger.
Romance in the magic of the mountains.